My name is Monica--health coach, habit hacker, and avocado obsessed.


After college, I found myself spending the majority of my time consuming way too many conflicting opinions about health and planning strict training regimens, macro splits, and hours of meal prep for myself.


I remember looking at myself in the mirror and literally saying aloud, “I am such a fraud! I don’t look like a health professional! I don’t even look like someone who exercises, let alone teaches fitness classes!” I was always bloated, I had no energy, there was always a big pimple on my face, and mentally--I was not the confident woman I wanted to be. Not only was I judging my health only by my outward appearance, I was also frustrated with how I felt and had no clue what I was doing wrong.


I was doing all of the things “for my health” only to be left with constant bloating, inflammation, and weight gain. I struggled with knowing that I spent my days encouraging clients to seek balance in their health--the exact opposite of what I was personally practicing. It wasn’t until a minor injury forced me to slow down that I realized I had been ignoring many signs from my body.


Fast forward about four years and I’ve discovered that I can actually gain more when it comes to my health, by doing less. You might be asking yourself, “Hang on, you want me to do less for my health?” Let me explain.


I believe that using research and education to fuel our health decisions allows us to take a more minimal approach to health and see even greater benefits. A minimal approach doesn’t mean we get to be lazy and stop caring. It means finding balance and learning to trust our body.


My mnml mission is to minimize the frustration that you’re feeling by trying to navigate your health on your own. By working with a professional like me, you’ll streamline your journey and achieve your goals in minimal time. Spend less time consuming the vast amount of opinions about health and more time identifying what will work best for YOU. Do less, and gain more with mnml by:mon.



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