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It’s late and you are trying desperately to get to sleep. Your mind is racing with thoughts of everything you need to do tomorrow and all the things you forgot to do today. You wake up, groggy and begin your day with these same thoughts floating around in your mind. Frantically trying to remember what you need to mention in today’s lunch meeting and what your family has going on this evening, you rush to get yourself and your family ready for another hectic day.


Sound familiar?


If we aren’t careful, a morning filled with frantic energy can set the tone for the rest of our day. Your brain is your control center. This organ uses about 20% of our body’s total energy haul. That mess of papers on your desk? Every time you glance in that direction, your brain decides to ignore it. That brilliant idea you want to share with your boss later? Throughout the day, your brain uses energy to consciously decide to remember this idea continuously—even though you might not be actively thinking about it at this very second.


Ever get home from a challenging day at work and think, “Why on earth am I so exhausted? All I did was sit at my desk all day!” Our brains work hard when we have a mentally taxing day or when we are dealing with numerous issues or emotions. The harder our brains work, the more energy they will use. Mental exhaustion is real.


The smpl days collection provides you with the space and structure you need to clear your mind. These daily planner pages will help you create head-space you need to connect with others and get creative. The benefits of physically writing down your daily schedule, what you are grateful for, and the top three things you need to accomplish each day are endless. Want to know more? Stay tuned for a future blog post.

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