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It’s late and you are trying desperately to get to sleep. Your mind is racing with thoughts of everything you need to do tomorrow and all the things you forgot to do today. You wake up, groggy and begin your day with these same thoughts floating around in your mind. Frantically trying to remember what you need to mention in today’s lunch meeting and what your family has going on this evening, you rush to get yourself and your family ready for another hectic day.

Sound familiar?


If we aren’t careful, a morning filled with frantic energy can set the tone for the rest of our day. Your brain is your control center. This organ uses about 20% of our body’s total energy haul. That mess of papers on your desk? Every time you glance in that direction, your brain decides to ignore it. That brilliant idea you want to share with your boss later? Throughout the day, your brain uses energy to consciously decide to remember this idea continuously—even though you might not be actively thinking about it at this very second.

Ever get home from a challenging day at work and think, “Why on earth am I so exhausted? All I did was sit at my desk all day!” Our brains work hard when we have a mentally taxing day or when we are dealing with numerous issues or emotions. The harder our brains work, the more energy they will use. Mental exhaustion is real.

So where do we start? I have a few guidelines to help lead you into better mornings but first, you’re going to have to start the night before.

Every night I whip out my planner pages and take a look at my schedule for the next day. From there I write out my to-do list and finish up my tracking for the day—recording my water/food intake, exercise, and crossing off everything I accomplished.

Not only does this give me a chance to reflect back on my day, but it also leaves me feeling accomplished and organized. After a good night’s sleep, I can wake up feeling refreshed and prepare for the day ahead the right way.

So how do we turn our frantic mornings into something we actually look forward to? Keep reading.


5 habits that will change your mornings

F1: Focus – Get focused for the day ahead by connecting on a deeper level. This could be meditation, prayer, or a gratitude practice.

F2: Feed your mind – Pick out a podcast to listen to while you get ready, a chapter in a cook, or article to read. This will give you something to look forward to when you wake up instead of being tempted to check your social media first thing in the morning.

F3: Fuel your body – Let’s get over the idea of breakfast and just focus on the first thing you feed your body with every day. What is it? Is it full of sugar? Processed ingredients? The first thing we feed our body hits our system hard—give it something good.

F4: Fire up your metabolism – The morning is the best time to incorporate some movement into your day. This could be a formal workout, a 10 minute HIIT session at home, or just some simple stretches. Just move.

F5: Fricken drink your water – Before you leave the house, try to drink 8-24oz of water. Cold water, warm water, water with lemon—it doesn’t matter! Just start hydrating your body. This will boost your energy and improve your overall circulation.

Formula for success:

F4 + F5 + and F of your choice. Start here and then slowly add in the other two F’s or create your own!

Adding all these elements into your morning can seem a little overwhelming at first. The solution? Space to write it all down on the smpl days planner pages! Check them out on Etsy or the smpl days page here!

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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