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Me with my cute little rescue mutt, Roe at Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette, MI

Maybe some of you haven't caught on yet--and that was my sneaky goal. MNML--stands for "minimal" just without the vowels (same goes for smpl). There's a whole story behind this and why I feel that it encompasses my intention for this site perfectly.

I want to start by saying that I'm a pretty average human who has lived a pretty normal life. I've had my struggles and challenges, but nothing that you probably haven't gone through as well. I am fortunate, but not spoiled. I don't frequent Whole Foods nor is my squat form Insta-perfect. I'm just me. For the purpose of this blog, I want to share some beliefs that are so central to who I am that I feel that they are actually worth talking through:

1) I believe in starting with food

At my day job, I witness far too many people filing for short term disability for health reasons. I hear things like "My back pain just isn't getting better, my doctor says I might need surgery next" or "My headaches are coming back again, I'm starting a new medication soon". Now, this is not to say that chronic back pain or headaches are "fake" or that medicine and surgery aren't helpful. However, and I mean this, 100% of the people I hear things like this from are either severely overweight, diabetic, smokers, under chronic stress, and/or terribly sedentary. What's even worse is that most of these people will admit that their doctors, who are suggesting new medications, have never once asked them what their diet is like, how much water they drink, or what their home life is like. Start with food.

2) i believe habits are at the core of both good and poor health

You know that person you can't stand because they're up at the crack of dawn and at the gym every. single. day? Do you think they just automatically wake up with a big grin when their alarm blares in their ear at 5am? Some of you might want to say yes, but I assure you, these types of people aren't that crazy. They've made early wake ups a routine. They've conditioned themselves to look forward to something that gets them to leave the comfort of their warm bed. They've trained their mind to not love the actual action of moving in the morning but rather, the feeling of accomplishment when their morning exercise routine is complete. They've strung together all these elements to form what some might argue is the key to health. They've made habits.

3) i believe that less can be more

I've been obsessed with the idea of living in a tiny home ever since an IKEA opened in my hometown. I distinctly remember walking through their "Living in 375 Square Feet" model with the smells of their famous cinnamon rolls making my mouth water. I even rented a tiny home as a vacation home this summer and have about 4 more bookmarked on my AirBnB account for future trips. What's so appealing to me about this is how little distraction there is. When we fill our lives with so much, it can be tough to see what we really need. This applies to our health, food, relationships, and the environments we choose to place ourselves in. When we strip away all the extras, we find ourselves healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

4) i believe in trusting your gut, and treating it well

It wasn't very long ago that I almost let ignoring my gut instinct take a huge toll on my personal life. Learning to trust that feeling is a skill--and man, is it hard as hell. Once I worked up the confidence to at least start trying to do this, my life changed. So how are we supposed to get in tune with our gut if its filled with Mountain Dew and Oreos?! Gut health is real, yo. And it plays a bigger role than you may think with your mental health.

5) I believe in something more

God is my man--need I say more?

My hope is that this gives you a little more insight as to who I am as a human. With every post, you'll start to get a better image for what this brand stands for. If you need a refresher on how we do things around there, take a look at my intro week content or head over to the VALUES page to read up. Thanks for letting me talk about myself for 5 minutes.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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