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If you’ve been with me since the start you know that I am a distributor for a company called Juice Plus. I’ve told a little bit about my journey but today, I want to dive in a little deeper.

As a health and wellness professional, I have been approached by several MLM companies all selling some sort of product. My answer was always "no" because staying authentic is a top priority to me. In order to stay true to who I was, I know I would only ever be able to stand behind a product that had 1) worked for me and 2) been scenically proven to work for others. There’s a stigma behind MLM’s that the only reason someone becomes a distributor is to trick their friends and family into spending money so they can collect the commission or move up to the next level. I can’t speak for other MLM’s but I will say this is definitely how I felt before I was introduced to Juice Plus.

Here’s why I decided to put my pride aside and join this company: personal experience and education.

I have always considered myself an above average person when it comes to health. Sure I had annoyances like bloating, break outs, severe muscle soreness after a hard workout, trouble getting out of bed on Monday mornings—but who doesn’t, right? What absolutely shocked me was when I started taking Juice Plus and noticed these health annoyances changing for the better. I quickly ordered the full recommendation of their capsules—fruits, veggies, berries, and omegas and watched as my health took a 180. My thin, damaged hair got thicker, nails stronger, skin radiant, little to no muscle soreness—I’ve even started running again, something I thought I’d never be able to do since I have a slightly dysfunctional hip. I studied myself and the results were clear—Juice Plus was working.

As I started to notice these changes, I dove into the research behind Juice Plus and yep—it wasn’t just me! I started hearing amazing stories from people all over the country about how Juice Plus had changed their lives. People with autoimmune diseases or cancers that are now in remission, kids no longer needing their ADHD prescriptions or struggling with chronic ear infections, eczema gone, digestive issues gone, adult acne gone—we could be here all day.

It was in these moments that I felt an extreme sense of obligation to start sharing this product with the people that I loved and more. I felt like I had struck gold, and people needed to know about it.


Have you every walked into the grocery store with $2.38? Your answer is probably “Um, no Monica. That would hardly buy me enough food for one meal!” And that’s the truth! $2.38 at the grocery store can hardly buy you three bell peppers. This offers you no nutritional diversity and not even close to the recommended servings of fruits/vegetables that the average adult needs DAILY.

Did you know that it’s recommended for adults have at least 9-13 servings of fresh fruits/veg a day? Add 2–10 more servings per day if you are sick, pregnant, breast feeding, have an autoimmune disease, exercise regularly, under stress, or trying to improve your overall heath. This can get costly.

In 2010, the USDA estimated the average cost per serving of fruits and vegetables to be $0.28.

9 servings = $2.52

11 servings = $3.08

13 servings = $3.64

15 servings = $4.20

Costs per week: about $18 - $30

These costs are based per person and are not based off the cost of organic produce.

My point? Feeding yourself—let alone your family—9+ servings of fresh, organic produce of vast variety is pretty dang tough. My solution? Spending $2.38/day to ensure I consume the nutrition of 30+ fruits and vegetables every single day and doing my best to eat a good amount of fresh produce along with it.


I didn’t join Juice Plus to make money—although that’s a great bonus when you become a part of this mission. I started sharing this product with people because it aligned with my mission to empower others through education and awareness of their own health status. So often, we go months even years without acknowledging our “health annoyances” because we have accepted them to be part of who we are. What if you could improve your health for less than $2.50 a day? Is your health worth that to you? Could you give up your daily Starbucks or a few meals out to realign your vision of health?

When you become a part of this community, you join a mission of like-minded people who care about those around them, and it’s truly powerful. So if you are someone who is waiting for a chance to change your health, challenge yourself in a new way, or inspire others to invest in themselves I’m here to tell you that this is your sign. Join the MNML Movement and start changing lives today.

Tell me a little more about you here, I would love to hear from you!

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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