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it's Monday, baby

Welcome to MNML intro week!

I wanted to walk y'all through how this blog works. I've briefly mentioned that we'll post three times a week and there's a few reasons why. For now, here are the three big ones:

Reason 1: Social media over consumption.

Okay be real with yourself--how many times a day to you check your socials? Way too much? Well, me too. This honest realization played a huge role in how I designed this blog. I found myself constantly checking social media in fear that I might "miss" something. A post from my favorite blogger, an IG live, a Snapchat story... I wanted to create a platform that was reliable and consistent. No FOMO here, folks.

Reason 2: I have a life. And I know you do, too!

I'm not quite ready to take the full-time dive into blogging so I needed to create something that I could stick to and not get overwhelmed with because, well... I don't want to letcha down! You'll soon learn that I'll post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day will have a consistent theme week to week and each week will cover one topic. Posts will be short, sweet, and to the point. Let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for a lengthy post with extra fluff. Let's just get to the good stuff!

Not big on reading? Stay tuned for a special announcement Friday.

Reason 3: MNML

I created this brand with one goal in mind: gaining more, by doing less. The topics of health and wellness are hot right now which also means there's an overwhelming amount of information out there. But what would happen if we took a step back and took a minimal approach to health?

Okay, so Mondays!

Monday posts will be all about FOOD. Recipes, inspiration for weekday dinners, no-bake healthy sweets, soothing smoothies, meal prep tips, food hacks to simplify your life, and much more.

My very own mother, Patti, will be a big contributor to these posts. She is a fabulous cook and I am so grateful that she raised our family on real food (we'll forget about the mornings we woke up to the captivating smell of Market Day French toast sticks for now, Mom;) ). My mom is also a retired PA-C and can give you far too many examples of what happens when folks let their health fall through the cracks. She's serious about living well and eating well--and her recipes don't disappoint.

Food is a big deal, but it doesn't have to seem like it. Stop by every Monday to learn simple ways to make healthy choices, the easy choices. Get inspired to let food be a tool that get's you closer to your Perfect World Vision.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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