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A few years ago I decided I was going to train for a 25k. I was more determined than ever to train. I researched training protocols, bought expensive new shoes, tried Gu for the first time—I mean I was all in. As I started training, I set out for every run alone and though my body felt able my mind held me back. Every run—even just the easy 2 mile recovery runs felt long and strenuous.

I knew that if something didn’t change about my training I wasn’t going to reach my goal or I would lose my mind getting there. Instead of downing more Gu and pushing through, I turned to a friend. A like minded individual who, with a liiiittle bit of persuasion, joined me on this journey. We trained together, ate lots of carbs, and held each other accountable. Not only did our training improve, but it was so much fun and we pushed each other in ways we would have never been able to push ourselves.

As humans, we need this connection! When we have a goal, it only helps us to get others on board with us or at least, communicate that we at least need support from them. And when that goal is better health—everyone benefits.

Do you want to improve your health so you can live a longer and more fulfilled life?

I don’t think anyone would answer “no” to that question.

Here’s my challenge to you: think of two people you love.

It could be anyone. Two people you care about that you know would support you through anything. Two people. Okay, got em? Good.

Now, ask them that same question I asked you: Do you want to improve your health so you can live a longer and more fulfilled life?

When they answer yes, invite them to join us on our next 10 day mission to realign our health habits and experience just how fricken GOOD health feels and how powerful it is to be surrounded by like minded people.

Want the deets? --> Here they are. MNML will be here when you’re ready. We can’t wait to have you.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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