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This week we learned why our mornings are so important and some habits we can start to incorporate to optimize the beginning of your day. Here are the three take always for you to bring into your weekend and implement.


- Creating systems for yourself are the key to creating habits. Habits create lasting change. Lasting change means that you are taking steps towards living your best life. Forming habits and creating rituals is human nature. If you missed Wednesday’s blog post, head back there to see the five top elements you can work into your morning for optimal health.

- You have to decide what you want the tone of your day to be—and you have the power to do this. Do you want to start your day in a frantic and bring that energy into the rest of your day? I didn’t think so.

- This is when your willpower is highest—willpowers circadian rhythm this is where habits come in. The end of one habit loop serves as the que for starting your next reward and so on and so forth. Habits don’t require you to use any will power—so you’ll have more throughout the day

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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