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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

We see endless ads, commercials and posts this time of year about promoting the holiday season as a time of giving and counting our blessings. Unfortunately, it's easy for people to lose sight of this and get wrapped up in the stress of hosting guests, seeing family, and managing all of our holiday spending. Yesterday, most of us gathered with their loved ones for Thanksgiving for a day to show gratitude for all that we have. I challenge you to keep the spirit of gratitude alive in your life the next few weeks and work to make this practice a habit. Here's why it's so important:

Gratitude improves physical and mental health, reduces aggression, enhances empathy,

helps people sleep better, improves self esteem, and increases mental strength. It also fosters resilience and helps us stop taking things for granted.

So here’s your homework, start or end your day by jotting down at least one thing you are grateful for. It could be big things like your family and health or it could be something small like your favorite fuzzy blanket or the water bottle next to your bed. You can start this in the notes section of your phone or physically write it down (bonus points for actually writing).

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That's all for now, stay smpl.



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