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This we packed in a ton on information about intermittent fasting. If you were following along with me on Instagram with week (@mnmlmon), you know that I have been practicing this style of eating for a little over a year now on and off. Today, I want to share the three biggest lessons I've learned from my I.F. journey.

1) I.F. GIVES YOU FREEDOM: Before I started I.F., I spent a good amount of time planning a weekly menu that perfectly fit into a set ratio of macros, making a grocery list, grocery shopping, and meal prepping every week. This left me with an huge amount of food that I felt obligated to eat throughout the week. When I would bring all my food with me to work, I found myself stressing about when I would have time in my schedule to eat my perfectly prepared meals and timing things just right so I could digest my food before a workout or a class I was teaching.

When you're fasting, less planning is required and you'd be amazed how much more you get done when you don't have to worry about food. I was shocked how focused and productive I was up until my first meal simply because I wasn't constantly worrying about when I'd be able to fit in my next meal.

2) I.F. BREAKS HABITS: Do you ever catch yourself eating just because its a certain time? For me, 8AM was my trigger for breakfast, noon for lunch, and 6PM for dinner. Even if I wasn't even hungry! I could have just had a snack and the second I saw 12:00PM on the clock, I starting feeling hungry just because I saw that time. I had conditioned myself to expect food at these times and made this a habit.

When you make a plan to eat between a certain window, you break down these habits you've conditioned yourself to follow. You might realize that many times you may be reaching for food out of habit instead of hunger.

3) I.F. HAS SO MANY BENEFITS: Check out my post from Wednesday if you missed me talk in more detail about some of the many benefits of intermittent fasting. When I first started I was interested in fat loss. Now, I use I.F. as a tool to help me get back on track, reduce bloating, and improve digestion.

This is something I weave into my life every few months not for about 2-3 weeks at a time. I'll be more strict during these times (fasting for about 16 horus) and then return to a my normal eating pattern (fasting 9-12 hours).

My Habits for Success with I.F. guide is available now! Email me at to get your copy.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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