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I hope the information I shared Wednesday about leaky gut was helpful for you to better understand this very prevalent situation. Educating yourself on these topics is important but, I found myself very frustrated when I started learning more about this. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and even the times I eat all my vegetables, how could I know if my body was actually digesting them and getting all the nutrients? You too?

Well, I am happy to share my 3 biggest take always with you this week and hopefully put this worry and frustration behind us.


1) TIMING: Are you a grazer? Do you eat right when you wake up and continue eating just an hour or so before you go to bed? Expecting our gut to heal itself while never giving it time to “rest” is like running on a sprained ankle and expecting it to heal. Our digestive tract needs time to rest and repair itself. A popular way of allow for this to happen is called intermittent fasting. We will go into more detail about I.F. next week.

2) QUALITY: Can you step up the quality of your produce, snacks, or animal products? A great way to do this is to buy produce that is in season, head to your local farmers market or butcher, and cut out heavily processed snacks that you know irritate your body. Switching some of your produce to organic might align with your mission right now. A common complaint I get when I suggest this is that it’s too expensive to buy better quality food.

Here’s my response to:

· What you’re really saying is that your health and the health of your family is not worth your financial investment. Tough love.

· If you can’t afford afford to buy organic, locally raised, or grass fed/finished/pasture raised animal products, can you cut back on the amount that you consume?

· Yes, organic foods are typically more expensive. Locate your local farmers market, shop in season, and listen to this podcast. You’ll learn which fruits and veggies are really worth buying organic and which you can do without.

3) PLANTS. PLANTS. PLANTS. You NEED more vegetables in your diet. End of story. No arguing. Just eat more vegetables. I start every single day by ingesting over 30 varieties of organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and berries. This bridges the gap between what I should be eating and what I actually eat and allows me to rest assured my body is getting the nutrition it needs. Sound like something you need in your life? I’m here to chat.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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