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Welcome back to another Friyay everyone. We talked this week about sugar and the effects it has on our bodies and brains. Let's get right into the 3BT


1) EDUCATION RAISES AWARENESS. This next line is taken directly from Wednesday's post: "When we indulge without knowing the impact [on our bodies], we are much more likely to keep indulging and make up excuses to justify it. However, when we understand the WHY, we can make choices that fit our lives." With the holidays coming up I think this is especially important to remember. If you know WHY you might not feel the greatest after the holidays and understand what exactly you put your body through, you not only are able to pinpoint the problem but you can also address and apply a solution as well. You won't spend time wondering why you feel sluggish or worse, accept your sluggishness as "the way you are". You empower yourself to make the choice to change.

2) I'M JUST GOING TO LEAVE THIS HERE. I find this video so powerful. Hope you do too.

3) SHRED10. If you are interested in joining my Shred10 group and detoxing from added sugar for 10 days send me a message! @mnmlmon or

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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