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This week I packed in a ton of information about inflammation. When I first realized how many health "annoyances" might be caused by my diet I was super overwhelmed. I don't want you guys to feel that way! I've put together a list of foods and grouped them into three categories based on their inflammatory properties. Would this be helpful to you? Send an email to and I'll make sure a copy of this list makes it to your inbox!

Today I'll be sharing my three biggest tips for getting back on track--head to my Instagram if you want these tips in a cute savable info-graphic! @mnmlmon

The 3 p's to getting back on track

1) PEE: You need to drink more water. You might be thinking, "But how much water do I need?' You don't need to take your weight and divide it by 2 and figure out what that is in ounces. Just pay attention to the color of your urine and drink enough water throughout the day so that your pee is clear. It's as smpl as that.

2) PLANTS: You need more of them! Ramp up your veg consumption and throw in some low sugar fruits, like berries. Make sure these are things you know your body already tolerates. You can also help your body out by cooking your veggies or cutting them up in small pieces to start the digestion process before you even eat them. The extra fiber will also help move all the unnecessary things in your body along--if you know what I mean.

3) PERSPIRE: You need to sweat. This doesn't mean head to the gym in a turtle neck and your snow pants. However, chances are that if you've recently overindulged, your body has some extra stored energy just waiting to be used. Get outside, press play on your favorite workout DVD, maybe even hit up your gym's sauna after a good workout for a few minutes. Just sweat.

This is how our body gets rid the what it doesn't need. The three P's are all very natural ways in which we can cleanse our system. By simply drinking more water, eating more plants, and moving we can speed this process up.


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That's all for now, stay smpl.



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