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This week we started talking about the beginning steps to stop dieting and create your YOU diet. My hope is that you've started thinking of ways to incorporate these practices in your daily life and have made you realize that diets don't work!

Here's my 3BT (3 biggest takeaways):

1) You can only improve what you track. Keeping a food log is the key to unlocking hidden habits and triggers that might be standing in your way.

2) The never ending diet cycle is a viscous one. Take a look at the cycle below.

3) As promised, I would love to share my food log with you so that you can start tracking! Did you know there's a MNML Wellness Etsy shop? Check it out!

Next week I'll be sharing more information about some of the products I link to often. If you can't wait that long head over to @mnmlmon on Instagram or check this page out.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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