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Ahh, we've made it! Welcome to Friday and the end of MNML intro week, folks. We have some exciting news to share but first, lemma tell you what Fridays will be all about here at MNML.

If you're anything like me on Fridays, you're a bit of a space cadet. The week is coming to an end, you've worked hard, and you're looking forward to weekend plans. We'll take time on Fridays to summarize the weekly topic and give you the three biggest take aways. Quick, bullet pointed lists that are easy to read and even easier to remember and apply in your day to day life. We might even throw in some podcast suggestions or other blogs/experts to check out. You'll get a sneak peak for what's coming up next week and then it's on with your weekend, friends.

I am excited and passionate about this platform. So excited, in fact that I can't wait any longer to get started. So, starting next week, MNMLBlog will up fully up and running! Tune in on Monday, October 1 to learn more about me and all my wild dreams for this brand.

Thank you all for your time and attention this week--it's finally time to get this party started.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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