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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Welcome to Friday, folks. I promised you my three biggest take aways from this week's content but first--don't think I forgot about my frozen banana hack.


I don't know if you're anything like me, but I wont even touch a brown banana. The second they get spots, I'm out. So here's what works for me. I buy perfectly ripe bananas and freeze them immediately when I get home. The trick? Peel them and cut them into smoothie sized pieces first! You can use a regular freezer Ziploc or one of these awesome reusable Stasher bags. This is legit the easiest time saver ever. You don't even need to break out a cutting board and knife if you don't want to--just peel and break the bananas up into quarters with your hands! Wuhla!


This week I gave you guys a little more insight into my life and why I created the #MNMLmovement. I also shared my all-time favorite smoothie recipe/secret weapon for tricking people into thinking I'm a morning person. Hopefully you all head into your weekend knowing:

1) I'm insanely excited I am finally starting this journey. Throughout the upcoming week's I'll give you guys the inside scoop as to why I was so hesitant about getting involved in this world of blogging but so far, I couldn't be happier.

2) This process has also taught to to invest in "your people". You know, those people who constantly remind you that their a big fan of you. This might not always be your best friend, sig other, or someone you would expect it from. No biggie though, those people just serve a different purpose in your life. Find your people, your fan club, and don't be afraid to let them encourage you.

3) Y'all better believe I'll be expecting some tags in your posts when you try Monday's recipe! Hit me up at @mnmlmon on Instagram and tag me in your post--I'll love ya forever.

Next week, we'll talk all about today's "diet" industry, how it's seriously impacting our health. Want to create a personalized diet plan that works perfectly for your body? Hang with me next MWF and we'll talk all about it.

That's all for now, stay smpl.



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