Your health is no joke. The MNMLMax coaching collection is all about getting seriously healthy and living out your Perfect World Vision

After a complimentary initial conversation, a unqiue coaching program will be designed for you based off your goals. The best part? You are the editor of this plan. Review it, let us know what sounds good and what doesn't. Put yourself in the drivers seat and take control of your well-being. 


The seven items listed to the right are what we have found to be the most helpful objectives to incorporate in a MNMLMax plan. 

With your choice of 12 or 24 bi-weekly sessions, your plan can include any combination (or even all seven) of these enhancements. 

Your MNMLMax collection is one of a kind, just like you. 


We get it, 6-12 months can seem like a long time--especially if you're ready to change NOW. For a limited time only, join me on a SHRED10 journey and get the entire MNMLMax collection free and an added bonus gift! Check out this page to read more about this incredible 10 day triumph. 

Create the YOU diet with guidance from Monica. See this blog post to learn more about the YOU diet.


Determine what your Perfect World Vision is and create structured goals to get you there.


Food 101. What a macro? Micro? Should I be counting calories? What exactly is processed food? Can I still eat ice cream? Let me help you answer these questions.


Accountability your way. Do you need daily reminders or are you more of a lone wolf? Let's come up with a plan to keep you on track that best suits you.


Knowledge is confidence. Get weekly podcast, article, or book suggestions that align with your Perfect World Vision.


Movement--we all need more of it. Create a plan to give back to your body while staying active.


Dig deeper. Want to know more about how metabolism works? Exercise programming? Meal planning? Food labels? Dig deeper into these topics and expand your knowledge


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